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Welcome to Eternal Nights Animated Graphics Gallery
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Skull Motioning to enter animated gif_3 sizes

New Images for 2008 are bordered in red

Ball with fire and embers animated gif Bwitchin animated gif & Clip

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Skull on Fire animated gif_3 sizes Skull on fire in Crystal Ball animated gif_2 sizes
3 Jazzy Skeletons animated gif_2 sizes

Thanks to Nancy, Alma, and Martha, 3 lovely women who allowed me to turn them into ugly witches and then post those images on the World Wide Web

Martha Bobble Head animated gif
E Mail Mailbox with pumpkin and ghost clip and animation
Ghoul opening door animated gif_2 sizes Ghoul holding candle animated gif Witch Stirring Cauldron animated gif_2 sizes 3D Jackolanterns animated gifs
Reaper Motioning to Enter animated gif Witch Motioning to Enter animated gif Skull with Spider animated gif

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Haunted House and Ghost animated gif
Ghoul reflected in lake animated gif Haunted House with Lightening animated gif_2 sizes Wizard with Lightening animated gif Skull Smoking Cigar animated gif_2 sizes Disappearing She Ghost animated gif
Moving linked hands animated gif Flying Bats animated gif_2 Graphics_3 sizes Happy Halloween with Witch animated gif and clip Happy Halloween with Laid Back Skeleton animated gif and clip  
Wizard2 animated gif Happy Halloween with Burning Skull animated gif_2 sizes Jazzy skull animated gif Ball with Lightening animated gif
Happy Halloween Witch and Cauldron animated gif_2 sizes Happy Halloween Skull & Spider animated gif_2 sizes Surfing Skeleton animated gif
Skeleton on the Web animated gif Happy Halloween Characters animated gif & Clip 3d Jackolanterns animated gif

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